Dr. Mhia Md. Zaglul Shahadat

ড. মিয়া মোঃ জগলুল সাদত


  •   Director of Planning and Development
  •  Room No:  GF, Metrology Lab, ME Building
  •  Phone:   880-1723098656 , 880-1723039597
  •  PABX:   241
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 Dr. Zaglul Shahadat has completed M.Sc and PhD from Saitama University, Japan under MEXT program. In 2014, Dr. Shahadat joined as a post-doc researcher in the Japanese government project named Cognition and Human Sensing affiliated to control engineering lab, SU, Japan. His current fields of research interests are IoT based control systems, actuators, non-linear control system and magnetic levitation. He has more than 50 publications. In postgraduate level he takes the courses like, advanced control theory, Advanced vibration engineering, Ultrasonic mechanics, and in the under graduate level, he mostly conducts the mechanics related subjects; engineering mechanics, solid mechanics, design of machine elements, etc.
Field of Research
  •  IoT based control system
  •  Robotics
  •  Non-linear control system
  •  Active vibration isolation

  •  First Joined: 23rd Apr, 2003
  •      Dept. of Mechanical Engineering



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1 Mhia Md. Zaglul ShahadatTakeshi MizunoMasaya Takasaki,Yuji Ishino Vibration Isolation System with Kalman Filter Estimated Acceleration Feedback: An Approach of Negative Stiffness Control Hindawi Journal of Sensors 2021 Journal
  •  2014-2015, CHS (Post-Doc Fellowship), Japanese Govt
  •  2008-2014, MEXT Scholarship, Japan
  •  2007-2008, Norway Govt Scholarship, AIT
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