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Canteen & Cafeteria

The university has a canteen for the students near to the residential buildings. The canteen is well furnished for the participants. The canteen provides varieties of foods including tea, during breakfast, lunch and also dinner time for the students. There is a separate room for the VIPs. The teachers can take the opportunities using the VIPs room. The canteen is open at 7.30 am and is closed late night. The canteen also takes the order of food delivery for the special events of the university.


The university has a cafeteria for the students, teachers and staffs near to the academic buildings. The cafeteria is well furnished for the participants. The cafeteria is divided in two portions of which one portion is for teachers and staffs and other portion is for students. The breakfast, tea, lunch and other foods are available in the cafeteria. The students, teachers and staffs take the benefit from cafeteria during the working hour of the day. Apart from this, student group discussion, cultural program is also undertaken in the cafeteria as per convenience.