Institutional Quality Assurance Cell

Establishment & Significance of IQAC

Establishment of IQAC

Establishing an IQAC is a necessary first step toward the development of an internal quality assurance system in every public and private university in Bangladesh by developing a mechanism for systematic reviews of study programs and ensuring acceptable standards for quality teaching-learning, research, knowledge generation, and support services. The IQAC was founded at the Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET) on January 01, 2015 in response to the increasing demand for excellence in higher education. RUET is committed to excellence and innovation in teaching and research, and it strives ceaselessly to improve its learning environment and curricula offerings. The IQAC is assisting RUET in its efforts to centralize its quality assurance processes. In an effort to improve the university's institutional activities, the Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of RUET is working tirelessly to improve the specific areas outlined in different accreditation organization’s standards for accreditation of academic programs, such as Governance, Leadership, Responsibility and Autonomy, Institutional Integrity and Transparency, Curriculum, Teaching-Learning & Assessment, Program Educational Objectives (PEOs), Program Outcomes (POs) and Assessment, Student Admission & Support Services, Faculty and Professional Staff, Facilities & Resources, Research & Scholarly Activities, Monitoring, Evaluation & Continual Improvement, Interactions with the Industry, etc.


Significance of IQAC


Currently, Bangladesh's public and private higher education systems are both quickly expanding, offering a wide range of programs and in certain cases, educational modes. Study programs are managed by individual universities in accordance with their respective systems and practices. However, there is little proof that an institutional structure with clear mission and accountability in line with commonly acknowledged Quality Assurance (QA) standards exists within the university. Transparency, accountability, consistency, and examples of best practices are all lacking in current processes since there is not a strong culture of quality assurance. A university's quality assurance culture requires internal infrastructure for quality assurance. The establishment of IQAC at both public and private institutions will support the QA culture and guarantee educational quality.